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At the Mission 21 conference, held in Sheffield (March 2006), Bishop Graham Cray announced his belief that if we are to effectively grapple with the missionary challenges that now face the church in today's culture, then we need to develop some new and updated Mission Audit tools.

This is something that we have promoted a lot in the past, and over the last year we have been working to update our Mission Audit resources. In this featured section of our website, we provide access to freely downloadable resources, and published booklets to aid you in conducting a Mission Audit in your context.

In addition to a booklet written by Steven Croft, Freddy Hedley & Bob Hopkins - 'Listening for mission' released in October 2006, the ACPI team have also been involved in producing and getting a range of Mission Audit resources, such as questionnaires (ACPI written and examples of others used).

This is an ongoing process, and we hope to regularly update this section with new resources as they become available.

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 Listening for Mission

Keen to start a fresh expression? Before leaping into action this booklet encourages churches to develop the tools to 'listen for mission'. This involves developing an attitude where you learn to 'multi-listen' to God, to society, to your community, to your church - so that you can find out what God is doing and know how best to join in.

This short and accessible guide can be used with church councils, deanery synods, circuit meetings and house groups.

Available in packs of 5.

Key Person Interview Form (Download PDF)

This questionnaire has been put together to be used with key people in the community. These might be police, school teachers, shop keepers, social workers, youth workers, or any other people you recognise as being central to your community.

Community Questionnaire for churches (Download PDF)

This questionnaire has been put together for churches and mission teams, and seeks to raise the awareness of the importance of understanding our mission communities.

Other questionnaires (Download PDF)

This document contains examples of other questionnaires that have been used by other churches as they have engaged in Mission Audit. They are specific to their circumstance, and so should not be replicated. However, they do give an impression of what has been done in the past and how churches have adapted material for their own situation.

Listening to Networks (Download PDF)

Alongside the renewed focus on the importance of listening and mission audit, there is also a lot of attention given to the changing nature of culture in the west. Increasingly it is being recognised that our communities are being defined as much by the networks we move in as by the neighbourhoods we live in.

Community Questionnaire (Download PDF)

A simple questionnaire that has been used when out in communities to find out about the community, but also as a way into evangelism. 

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