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 ACPI has a commitment to resourcing individuals and organizations with books, DVDs and recordings. Resources available have been produced both my the ACPI team, and also from the wider Christian literature with a view to aiding healthy church planting and fresh expressions of church.


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Expressions Complete Pack



A superb resource for anybody considering, or involved in, growing a fresh expression of church, this pack contains a copy of the expressions: making a difference DVD and one each of the first seven Share booklets

The DVD has twenty eight stories to inspire and challenge, illustrating lessons to be learnt as fresh expressions of church make a difference to people's lives. It works perfectly alongside the 7 booklets which work to encourage good conversations about starting these new churches, without telling you what to do.



Share Booklet 1-7


In recent years, hundreds of new churches have been formed. These 'fresh expressions' are aiming to create church among people who have never belonged to a church, or who once did, but belong no more.

Share booklets want to encourage good conversations about starting these new churches, without telling you what to do. Visit sharetheguide.org to tell others about your experiences of fresh expressions of church.

This pack contains one each of Share booklets 01-07:

1.     How can fresh expressions emerge?

2.     How should we start?

3.     What should we start?

4.     How can we get support?

5.     How can we find our way?

6.     How can we be sustainable?

7.     How can we be a great team?



Share Booklet 1



Society has changed at a dizzying rate in recent years. Today 60% of the UK population finds it almost impossible to connect with the Church. Many Christians are now tackling that challenge by developing fresh expressions of church to go out to where people are - and stay there.

But how can fresh expressions emerge? This booklet will help you to think about how the fresh expressions journey might start.


Share Booklet 2


How should we start? is all about a process we call 'exploring'. It's about discovery. What is God doing? What might he be calling you to do? Who can you work with?

Instead of a step-by-step model, this booklet seeks to identify common threads of mission heart, team, values and focus.


Share Booklet 3

What should we start? is about discernment - finding out what God is calling you to do by discovering prayerfully what opportunities exist and what resources are available.

Instead of a step-by-step model, this booklet seeks to identify common threads of listening to your context - why listen, who and what to listen to and how to listen.


Share Booklet 4


How can we get support? is about how to check out your ideas and plans with the people whose backing the venture needs. Fresh expressions of church never begin in isolation. They always need support from outside.

Instead of a step-by-step model, this booklet seeks to identify common threads of finding support amongst those you are serving, key gatekeepers and the wider community.



Share Booklet 5


How can we find our way? is about envisaging the journey ahead by making sense of the route already travelled.

Instead of a step-by-step model, this booklet seeks to identify common threads of the involvement of the missional community and teams, their prayerful learning through experience and how that learning is applied in the next stage of the journey.


Share Booklet 6


How can we be sustainable? is about considering sustainability in the very early stages of a fresh expression of church, not when the venture is well underway.

Instead of a step-by-step model, this booklet seeks to identify the common threads of a fresh expression's DNA and organisational structure that need to be built in from the start to ensure sustainability.



Share Booklet 7



How can we be a great team? is about the vital importance of nurturing the team (or missional community) throughout a fresh expression's life.

Instead of a step-by-step model, this booklet seeks to identify the common threads of how the team enables the new church to emerge and sets its tone.




Ice Breaker Playing Cards



52 playing cards each with a question about you, others, the world and beliefs.

The ideal Ice Breaker for your cell or small group  

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Expressions:Making a Difference


 Twenty eight stories to inspire and challenge, illustrating lessons to be learnt as fresh expressions of church make a difference to people's lives.

From the church for ragamuffins in Swansea, to the Divine Divas of Tadcaster, these new ways of being church demonstrate that God's Spirit is helping Christians live mission-shaped lives in a whole range of fresh contexts.

"Fresh Expressions show how the Church can reach out in new ways to those around us. We should be encouraged and inspired by these projects which are showing God's love in practical ways all over the country. I hope this DVD will help other church communities realise the wonderful potential they have to make a difference wherever they are."


John Sentamu, Archbishop of York

"What a fantastic DVD! To see such creativity, vision and innovation in helping reach people for Christ. Get a coffee, sit down, watch and be inspired!"

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 Mark Russell, CEO, Church Army

Throughout our ten years as 24-7 Prayer we have understood the urgent need for fresh forms of church to reach current and emerging generations. This helpful resource shows the potential of Fresh Expressions to help us plant church that makes a difference. I recommend it highly.

Pete Greig, 24-7 Prayer and Alpha International


Evangelism Strategies
This workbook explores the strategies that Jesus used in his own ministry and which were the basis of his commissioning of his followers to reach out to others with the good news of God.

Bob and Mary Hopkins build these insights into a simple framework and then look at how we can implement these strategies in the church now so that we might reach our communiities more effectively and without fear. They do this by unpacking eight practical principles of evangelism and exploring the key roles of the evangelist.

These insights have proved a revelation to so many, making sense of their exerience and releasing them to discover what may be appropriate and effective for their situation among a whole range of approaches and methods.

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Recovering the ground : 1 available

 Moving on in mission-shaped church : 5 packs available

Planting new churches: 1 available 



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 Body and cell: 2 available   Radical Church Planting : 4 available  
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Sanctus DVD

A DVD featuring stories of fresh expressions in the sacramental tradition alongside a keynote address by the Archbishop of Canterbury from 2008's national day of pilgrimage to Coventry Cathedral.
Sanctus features seven stories from Visions (York), Moot (London), Critical Mass (Peterborough), Glorious (London), Contemplative Fire (Nationwide), feig (Gloucester) and Blessed (Gosport). It also features a sermon preached by the Archbishop of Canterbury in Coventry Cathedral on 8th December 2008 discussing fresh expressions of church in the sacramental tradition. 

"See for yourself exciting ways in which worship can be real and total; something not just thought about, but seen, and head, and touched and smelt - an experience that envelops all our senses." 
Very Revd Richard Giles, Liturgical Consultant
"This DVD is a great spur to energy and confidence as we make new inroads into networks and communities with the message of fullness of life in Christ through the sacraments and a generous catholic approach to contextual mission and evangelism." 
Rt Revd Stephen Conway, Bishop of Ramsbury




 "The stories contained in this DVD should encourage and inspire all of us in parish and community ministry to discern the Spirit's movement in our own place, and to look for the new ways in which we can tell the story of Jesus to this generation." 
Revd Jonathan Clark, Chair of Affirming Catholicism
"If you thought fresh expressions of church where only for evangelicals, then watch Archbishop Rowan's sermon and think again." 
Rt Revd Stephen Cottrell, Bishop of Reading


Subtitles: English
Audio: English
Running time: 50 mins approx.
All regions


The Pure In Heart: An Epistle from the Romanies
 This is a story of two cultures, connecting and discovering faith, Romany and English together.

It is the uncovering of faith in a Romany community, as an English vicar journeys alongside them discovering a new depth and freedom growing in his own relationship with God. The outcome is the planting of a new infant faith community around the encounters with Jesus and deepening relationships with him.

It demonstrates the power of the gospel being shared cross culturally which challenges and changes some of our cherished values and attitudes.

This story will stimulate creative reflection on our way of seeing and doing things.

Hearts are transformed on both sides. What does it mean to really live in community?

How willing are we to see with different eyes, to learn from each other. The principles are transferrable to all mission endeavours and church planting, especially where there is a significant cross-cultural dimension.

Bruce & Colleen Mounsey

"This is a record of how 'church' happens even when the institution isn't looking - how people are gathered together around Jesus Christ by the sheer force of the Spirit's leading. God constantly goes ahead of us in mission - not least in communities many Christians don't know about, or even don't much want to know about! It is a moving and inspiring testimony to God's creative liberty at work in our times." 

Dr Rowan. Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury 

Martin Burrell's first career was as a professional clarinettist. Following studies at Trinity College, Bristol, he was ordained into the church of England in 1995 and was curate at St Mary Bredin, Canterbury. From 1999 until 2009 Martin was vicar of Cranbrook, Kent. He was then appointed to lead Christchurch, Bushmead, Luton. Both Martin's mother and his wife, Margareta, are from Switzerland. Margareta is a music therapist. They have three children, Rebecca, Naomi and Leo.  






Coaching for Missional Leadership

Ever since the Mission-shaped Church report was published in 2004 there has been a movement of mission emerging right across the church.  In order for this movement to continue to grow it is vital that missional leaders are identified, trained, released and supported. 


In Coaching for Missional Leadership, Bob Hopkins and Freddy Hedley examine the importance of supporting leaders through coaching and mentoring, so that mission initiatives, church plants and fresh expressions of church have access to accompaniment that both provides best practice in mutual reflection and offers connection to the experience and wisdom of other leaders, as well as to the wider church. In addition to exploring the principles behind coaching, this book is designed to be a manual for coaches to use as an ongoing resource that can help and inform their coaching and mentoring experience.

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 The material here has also been written to complement and follow on from the Fresh Expressions coach/mentor training course. 


Special offer
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Clusters - creative mid-sized missional communities - by Bob Hopkins & Mike Breen, is now back in stock following a worldwide sell-out of the first print run!
This book is available exclusively from ACPI in the UK. It was the recommended title in the final address of the R.U.N. National Conference.
Clusters, explores the concept of clusters as 'mid-sized communities in mission' and is broken down into four parts:
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 Clusters, explores the concept of clusters as 'mid-sized communities in mission' and is broken down into four parts:


Part 1 - The essence & identity of clusters
Part 2 - The biblical, historical and missional rationale
Part 3 - Implementation
Part 4 - Cluster roots, SWOTs and FAQs.
 Read on to find out more about the concept of and an introduction to Clusters...

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St Andrew's Chorleywood has been at the forefront of church renewal for over three decades. In the last 5 years it has seen substantial growth as the congregation has moved from drawing people to one place, to a model in which well over a thousand believers have been sent out in mission-shaped communities of up to fifty members, meeting in school halls, community centres, coffee shops and other contexts. This daring move has resulted in the raising up of over a hundred new leaders, a massive release in spiritual gifts, great vision and creativity in outreach, and major growth through evangelism. Breakout is the story of one church's move from a 'come-to-us' to a 'go-to-them- model of mission.


"I Warmly recomend Breakout to any church leader who lkong to see the Holy Spirit releasing missional energy and imagination both among and through their people."

- Bishop Graham Cray, Fresh Expressions Team Leader



Starting Mission-Shaped Churches: Clearance 3 available
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This highly practical, well presented workbook by Australian author Stuart Robinson is an excellent resource for those starting Mission Shaped Churches. It is well presented, clearly written in easy to follow format with lots of space for notes and numerous team exercises.

ACPI are the exclusive UK distributor for this book.


On the Edge DVD
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NOW £4.00

On the edge – a DVD and booklet featuring 14 ordained pioneer ministers, who tell their stories passionately and honestly. Read their emails and blogs and see them in action, as they talk about their experience of starting church from scratch. A host of church leaders say why they are passionate about this new form of ministry and mission, including Rowan Williams, Mike Pilavachi, Amy Orr-Ewing and Steven Croft. The DVD has chapters on pioneering, selection, training and deployment and is designed to be watched individually or in small groups.


Every pioneer minister comes from a local church. So every PCC and Deanery meeting should watch this DVD, so that they can identify and encourage the pioneers God has given them.
Paul Bayes
National Mission and Evangelism Adviser

This is an excellent and inspiring introduction to ordained pioneer ministry - clearly showing how the Church of England is adapting to the needs of modern society.
Michael Wakelin
Head of BBC Religion and Ethics

Read on for more commendations...

Moving on in Mission shaped Church


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(Pack of 5)

Moving on in a mission-shaped church is a 16-page booklet that will help you to practically apply the concepts of Mission-shaped Church in your local context. Ideal for PCCs, house groups and deanery synods, it outlines how you can creatively respond to the challenges your church or diocese face and suggests ways of moving forward in fresh directions.

Available in packs of 5.

Starting a fresh expression
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(Pack of 5)

Thinking of starting a fresh expression of church? Need some wisdom and guidance? This booklet (available as a pack of five) sets you off in the right direction.

All over the country Christians are stepping out in faith and beginning to start new forms of church that meet the needs of our changing culture. This simple and readable guide draws together some of the lessons learnt so far and enables churches to think through and discuss the various issues involved.

This training resource can be used on its own or in conjunction with the companion DVD - Expressions - The DVD 1: Stories of church for a changing culture.

Listening for Mission
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(Pack of 5)

Keen to start a fresh expression? Before leaping into action this booklet encourages churches to develop the tools to 'listen for mission'. This booklet is designed to be used in teams and involves developing an attitude where you learn to 'multi-listen' to God, to society, to your community, to your church - so that you can find out what God is doing and know how best to join in.

This short and accessible guide can be used with church councils, deanery synods, circuit meetings and house groups.

Available in packs of 5.

Bishops' Mission Orders
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(Pack of 5)

This leaflet is a simple guide to a vital new piece of Church of England legislation: the Bishops' Mission Order.

Where fresh expressions of church involve collaboration between or across parish boundaries, a Bishops' Mission Order may be needed - so every PCC and deanery synod in the UK will need to get to grips with the content of this leaflet.


Encouraging fresh expressions of church
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(pack of 5)

This 12 page booklet is ideal for clergy, PCCs, synod members and all in a position to promote and give permission for new ways of being church.

It very helpfully takes a number of starting points from 'Our church hasn't heard of fresh expressions. Where should we begin?' to 'We're keen to encourage fresh expressions of church across a whole area. What should we do?' and in simple terms explains the next best steps.

Drawing on the experience of leading the rapidly growing fresh expressions movement, Archbishops' missioner Steven Croft, explains why fresh expressions of church need to be part of our normal way of doing things.  This is a very practical booklet and will move every reader on.

Fresh Expressions - booklet assortment
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An assortment of the popular Fresh Expressions booklet series. Contains one each of:

moving on in a mission-shaped church ;

starting a fresh expression ;

listening for mission ;

Bishops' Mission Orders: a beginner's guide ;

encouraging fresh expressions of church .


These booklets are also available in packs of 5

Sowing, Reaping, Keeping
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The Christian gospel is the best story ever told. Yet many of those who hear it perceive it as a threat. Laurence Singlehurst believes that much of the threat would be removed if Christians would respect and understand the people they are approaching. This short, crisp and often humorous book is full of seeds of wisdom for those who long to make permanent disciples for Jesus. Discover the reasons why evangelism may have been difficult in the past and learn new ideas to help you share your faith in a relevant way.

Laurence Singlehurst 

Planting New Churches
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£5.99  £2.00

Planting New Churches, intro by George Carey, edited by Bob Hopkins presents examples of church planting in practice: some are from large churches such as Holy Trinity, Brompton and St Thomas Crookes in Sheffield. Others are smaller in scale but no less inspiring, with teams going into tough urban areas or huge Local Authority estates previously untouched by the church.

Published in 1991, Planting New Churches is now a little dated, but contains many examples of different Church Plants reflecting the rich kaleidoscopic diversity of Anglican church plants within UK. It also has chapters giving important principles of planting.

This classic is only available from ACPI at this discount price.

The Future of the Parish System


Society is changing. Communities are changing. Churches are changing. Looking at both traditional forms of church and fresh expressions, this wide-ranging book offers fascinating historical, psychological, sociological and theological perspectives on the parish system. Leading thinkers outline areas for development and offers pragmatic, mission-shaped ways forward.

This stimulating book provides church leaders with the theological resources to re-imagine church and ministry in the twenty-first century.

Contributing authors: Graham Cray, Ian Cundy, Grace Davie, Robin Gamble, George Lings, Ann Morisy, Michael Moynagh, Martyn Percy, John Rees, Sara Savage, Rowan Williams

Edited by Steven Croft

Mission Shaped Church report
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An overview of recent developments in church planting. This detailed, practical and well-researched book describes the varied and exciting 'fresh expressions' of church being created. Includes questions and challenges to help local churches engage with the issues. Foreword by Rowan Williams.



Lessons from Antioch: Clearance 3 available
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The church in Antioch is one of the most fruitful and effective examples of a community of faith recorded in the New Testament. The accounts in Acts offer us an intimate insight into how this church was planted, how it grew and how it multiplied itself across Asia Minor and Europe.

With so much inspiration coming out of this church, whose mission context relates so much to ours, surely there are lessons we can learn that will impact how we seek to engage with God's missionary call to the church today.

Lessons from Antioch, the new book by ACPI team member Freddy Hedley has just been released - get your copy now!
Expressions: the DVD 2: Changing church in every place
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Fresh expressions are flourishing in all types of places... where you live, worship and work. All over the country Christians are beginning new initiatives to connect with those who are currently outside church.

Presented by Diane Louise Jordan, this DVD focuses on four specific areas where fresh expressions of church are breaking new ground. Each film looks at fresh expressions with a distinct focus: work and leisure, rural, sacramental and youth.
Also on the DVD, there are six discussion starters. These feature experienced contributors, who will help you and your team unpack your thinking about contemporary mission and fresh expressions of church.

Click here to view the trailer [WMV 2.6MB] 

Expressions: the DVD 1: Stories of church for a changing culture
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Skater church . . . cell church . . . messy church . . . All over the country Christians are beginning new initiatives to connect with those who are currently outside church.

Presented by Diane Louise Jordan Expressions: the DVD tells 14 stories of these fresh expressions and describes 

some of the lessons learned so far. An excellent training tool for those interested in setting up or understanding more about fresh expressions. Be inspired!

Click here to view the trailer [WMV 2.6MB]

Frameworks & Analogies
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This fourth booklet in the ACPI Workbook series for resourcing church planting and fresh expressions of church, highlights the importance for a continued priority for planning and strategic frameworks in the engaged and emerging church.

Bob & Mary Hopkins also look at six planning frameworks and analogies that have been used over the years and continue to be used today, giving details on how they work, drawing comparisons between them and offering a critique from experience of using them.

Planters Problems
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This third booklet in the ACPI Workbook series for resourcing church planting and fresh expressions of church, seeks to explore some of the biggest issues that have arisen over the years from mistakes or problems in church planting.

By learning from these areas of weakness and hard experience of the past, we can move forwards in greater strength to see new churches and fresh expressions planted and the growing movement of mission in the church developed.

Radical Church Planting: 4 copies available
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Everyone wants their church to grow - this book, by two experienced practitioners - Roger Ellis & Roger Mitchell, with contributing chapters from Roger Forster and Sandy Millar, tells us how we can learn the principles that will help our churches to see the growth for which we all pray.

Body & Cell: 2 copies available
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Save Another 25% 

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"In July, we scrapped our house groups. In October we began meeting in cell groups. We did not realize what a revolutionary step we were taking..." So begins Howard Astin's account of his church's transformation from a caring but inward-looking parish to a Christian community where every member really counts.

In St John's, Bradford, a tough inner-city church, the focal point of the week is now the cell group meeting. Pastoral care; teaching; lay training; nurture of new members: all are handled by a network of small cells, which offer easy, non-threatening points of entry for visitors. Leaders concentrate on equipping church members. The result has been sustained growth, both in numbers and quality of discipleship. The transition to a cell structure has not been easy or painless, but definitely worthwhile. 

This inspiring book illustrates cell church principles through the story of how one local church is gradually becoming a real community... an excellent introduction - Bob & Mary Hopkins 

Recovering The Ground
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The Church of England is currently in a time of great crisis. Numbers are falling, the Church Commissioners' resources are dimishing and official church reports are speaking with a confused and uncertain voice on matters of doctrine and morality. In this situation there is an urgent need for a forthright proclamation of the Christian message. One way of doing this is to plant new congregations.

This collection of essays raises vital questions and challenges traditional assumptions which relate to church planting. These include the nature of Anglican ministry, youth churches, parish boundaries, aspects of canon law, precedents set by the Forward in Faith movement and lay presidency at Holy Communion.

A challenging and compelling read which will be of vital interest to all who have a heart for evangelism and the future well-being of the Church of England.

Read reviews of some of our products on The Good Bookstall website: www.goodbookstall.org.uk

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