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Missional Coaching: An Overview

1. What is Coaching? 

There are a number of processes used across the church to enable leader development and project support. Amongst these there are three that consistently stand out above the rest: consultingmentoring and coaching. These terms are often used interchangeably and a fourth term, accompaniment, is also used by many, either to describe the most non-directive approach or as a general term that can cover all three! However, we think that there are important differences between the processes and, although all may not accept our definitions, we prefer to use the terms in the following way

2. Task-Centred Coaching 

Consultancy is a process that concentrates primarily on a task. Be that a mission initiative, planting a fresh expression or implementing changes across the church, a consultant’s job is to enter into that situation from outside and bring their expertise and wider perspective for the purpose of helping to bring the task to fruition.

Strategic Understanding of Evangelism liberates us all into effective witness

Church Planting is the proving context for what works in evangelism!

Having been called to church planting a long time ago, Bob & Mary quickly found that it was the acid test of evangelism effectiveness. As a pioneering church planting team you either crack the issues of what makes for effective evangelism in your context … or you stay rather on your own. And your failure to breakthrough and add new people to your team is ever before you as a constant challenge in a way that doesn’t happen in ongoing church life with the distraction of all its internal programs.

Messy Church - Principles concerning Nurture & Discipleship

Messy Church – Principles concerning Nurture & Discipleship


It is essential to recognise that Christian nurture and discipleship are happening in Messy Church events/communities:

To speak or not to speak of Attractional Church

To speak or not to speak of Attractional Church, that is the question

Contexts are different around the world and even within one country ... and furthermore they are changing rapidly. Not only that but how we understand language is different from place to place, even within a single language group like English ... and now even in one place the meaning that we put on particular words is changing.

Faced with this problem, Mike Breen blogs about why he will no longer use the term Attractional Church... and Bob Hopkins, a close colleague but working on the other side of the "Pond", responds with an explanation of why and how it will continue in his vocabulary!

Foodbank App



This is an app to help support the network of hundreds of food banks across the UK.

Choose your local Foodbank from the list and the app will automatically update itself with the information from your selected Foodbank.

The shopping list is updated regularly by your local Foodbank team and highlights those items most needed.

Updates and stories from your local Foodbank are also downloaded direct to the app to keep supporters informed of news.

Notifications are also used to notify supporters of new updates from the Foodbank team and also if the Foodbank is low on stock of certain food items.

Planters Beware!

Over the years we have seen that those embarking on pioneering something completely new seem to be particularly vulnerable in the process. It seems that planting a new church, initiating a fresh expression of church has its particular dangers.




Rural Fresh Expressions on the Share Community
The Share Community is an online gathering place where people who are pioneering (or just interested in) new forms of church can rub shoulders with and support each other.

David Muir has started an interesting group called Rural Fresh Expressions looking at "How to start and maintain new and missional groupings of people centred on Christian faith, which will draw into them the increasing variety of people who inhabit our countryside".

The group can be found here (you will need to register). Do have a look at the rest of the website as there are some interesting and useful discussions and resources.

Training opportunity - FORM in Sheffield
form logo.jpg
Form is a year of training and transformation.  It is about being disciples & making disciples. It has its home at Network Church Sheffield, a large multi-site Anglican/ Baptist/ Free Church in Sheffield across the three bases of St Thomas’ Church Philadelphia, The King’s Centre and City:Base.

The year is about being ‘formed’ – that means you’re shaped, fashioned & moulded into someone who more fully represents Christ to the world. The year is about God setting the foundation in your life you need so that you can continue to grow as a disciple & become everything it is that God made you to be.

Jesus didn’t take his disciples into a classroom to teach them how to best follow him. He invited them into his story & as they experienced life in his context of mission to the world, they became more like him. We believe we should do the same. Form is rooted & worked out through communities committed to mission – God’s activity of extending His kingdom of good in the world.


If you do Form you’ll become part of the NCS community for the year.  You’ll have an apprenticeship within an area of ministry or mission in the church and learn as you become part of a passionate team.  You will also receive and be able to work through quality teaching and training from the St Tom’s staff and other leaders.
Form runs from September to June each year." 


Visit the website: www.form-uk.org or e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.

A Pioneer's Understanding of Church
This workbook seeks to unpack one of the most crucial questions faced by pioneers and church planters today - what is church? Where are the dividing lines between mission initiatives and fully functional church, and what is it that we are called to pioneer?

These questions are tackled by looking at some of the key biblical and historical sources to examine the foundational principles that Jesus and the early church set in place, as well as unpacking some of the main ecclesiological discussions that have emerged over the years.

Put together these set compelling challenges for all pioneers to reflect on their own vision and strategy as we seek to extend the bounds of the Kingdom and the church.

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Evangelism Strategies
This workbook explores the strategies that Jesus used in his own ministry and which were the basis of his commissioning of his followers to reach out to others with the good news of God.

Bob and Mary Hopkins build these insights into a simple framework and then look at how we can implement these strategies in the church now so that we might reach our communiities more effectively and without fear. They do this by unpacking eight practical principles of evangelism and exploring the key roles of the evangelist.

These insights have proved a revelation to so many, making sense of their exerience and releasing them to discover what may be appropriate and effective for their situation among a whole range of approaches and methods.

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Sanctus DVD

A DVD featuring stories of fresh expressions in the sacramental tradition alongside a keynote address by the Archbishop of Canterbury from 2008's national day of pilgrimage to Coventry Cathedral.
Sanctus features seven stories from Visions (York), Moot (London), Critical Mass (Peterborough), Glorious (London), Contemplative Fire (Nationwide), feig (Gloucester) and Blessed (Gosport). It also features a sermon preached by the Archbishop of Canterbury in Coventry Cathedral on 8th December 2008 discussing fresh expressions of church in the sacramental tradition. 

"See for yourself exciting ways in which worship can be real and total; something not just thought about, but seen, and head, and touched and smelt - an experience that envelops all our senses." 
Very Revd Richard Giles, Liturgical Consultant
"This DVD is a great spur to energy and confidence as we make new inroads into networks and communities with the message of fullness of life in Christ through the sacraments and a generous catholic approach to contextual mission and evangelism." 
Rt Revd Stephen Conway, Bishop of Ramsbury




 "The stories contained in this DVD should encourage and inspire all of us in parish and community ministry to discern the Spirit's movement in our own place, and to look for the new ways in which we can tell the story of Jesus to this generation." 
Revd Jonathan Clark, Chair of Affirming Catholicism
"If you thought fresh expressions of church where only for evangelicals, then watch Archbishop Rowan's sermon and think again." 
Rt Revd Stephen Cottrell, Bishop of Reading


Subtitles: English
Audio: English
Running time: 50 mins approx.
All regions


Moving on in Mission shaped Church


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Moving on in a mission-shaped church is a 16-page booklet that will help you to practically apply the concepts of Mission-shaped Church in your local context. Ideal for PCCs, house groups and deanery synods, it outlines how you can creatively respond to the challenges your church or diocese face and suggests ways of moving forward in fresh directions.

Available in packs of 5.

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