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 Pioneers recognised, recruited, trained & now promoted!

In 2004, the Mission-Shaped Church report recommended that the Church of England identified pioneer, entrepreneurial leaders who could initiate fresh expressions of church. It suggested that this needed to be a new ministry designation for both ordained and lay callings.

Quite amazingly, by January 2006 this passed through all the committees, the House of Bishops and had been fully accepted. The result was that a new designation of OPM (Ordained Pioneer Minister) and pathway of selection, training and deployment had been worked out and agreed and guidelines approved.

At the same time, in January 2006, a new national training course was launched by Fresh Expressions called mission shaped ministry. This is a one year part time course to support and equip both ordained and lay pioneers that is now running in 20 regions with some 500 already attending.


By mid 2008 some 70 candidates have already been accepted through the selection process for OPM and are beginning the journey of training and deployment. And everyone involved has recognised that this development has released a new stream of very high quality pioneer leader for the church... who significantly, also have a much younger average age. This is all such good news!

By August 2008, a DVD and leaflet have been produced promoting ordained pioneer ministry, called "On the Edge". It explains the background and features many of this new breed of disciples, called to expand the frontiers of mission as they plant culturally relevant fresh expressions of church for our plural context. On the Edge is available through our website, via the button to the right for £8 plus p&p.

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