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Drawing from many years of experience being involved with fresh expressions and new ways of being church, here members of the team explore areas of insight which have emerged from their experience. We welcome your comments and thoughts. Please feel free to e-mail us at admin@acpi.org.uk .

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Being Church, Doing Life

Michael Moynagh's new book, 'Being Church, Doing Life; Creating gospel communities where life happens' is available now. It is currently available for a discounted price of £7.50 for a limited time only from the fresh expressions site. To order your copy now, visit freshexpressions.org.uk/resources/beingchurch


Rural mission conference: beat the price rise!
The ‘Germinate!’ national rural mission conference will prove an inspiring and practical event for anyone – lay or clergy – engaged in the challenge of rural mission and ministry.
Be inspired, encouraged and equipped through case studies, workshops and national speakers.
For full programme details and to secure your place and beat the price rise on 30 June, see www.germinate.net .
Church Army Fresh Expressions Report Summary



A 26 page summary of the Church Army Research Unit's research into Fresh Expressions of Church is now available, and can be downloaded here .

For futher details and to download the full report, click here

Some frameworks to explore Messy Church and discipleship

 Some frameworks to explore Messy Church and discipleship

We often hear Mike Breen saying that “if you focus on making church you won’t necessarily end up with disciples, whereas if you focus on making disciples of Jesus you are bound to end up with church.” The observation has also been made that Jesus said, “I will build my church” but commissioned us to “go and make disciples”. So my focus in this chapter will be exploring ‘messy’ as church through seeking to better understand discipleship.

To download Bob Hopkins' chapter entitled "Some frameworks to explore Messy Church and discipleship" form the recently published Messy Church Theology book, follow the link below. 


To speak or not to speak of Attractional Church

To speak or not to speak of Attractional Church, that is the question

Contexts are different around the world and even within one country ... and furthermore they are changing rapidly. Not only that but how we understand language is different from place to place, even within a single language group like English ... and now even in one place the meaning that we put on particular words is changing.

Faced with this problem, Mike Breen blogs about why he will no longer use the term Attractional Church... and Bob Hopkins, a close colleague but working on the other side of the "Pond", responds with an explanation of why and how it will continue in his vocabulary!

Messy Church - Principles concerning Nurture & Discipleship

Messy Church – Principles concerning Nurture & Discipleship


It is essential to recognise that Christian nurture and discipleship are happening in Messy Church events/communities:

‘Major impact’ of fresh expressions of church: new research

‘Major impact’ of fresh expressions of church: new research

Fresh expressions of church are having a major impact on growth in the Church of England – according to research released on Thursday, January 16, 2014.
The detailed study, involving all fresh expressions of church in 10 dioceses, was carried out by the Church Army’s Research Unit for the Church Commissioners. Canon Dr George Lings, the Unit’s Director, said, ‘Nothing else in the Church of England has this level of missional impact and the effect of adding further ecclesial communities.’ 
Enabling Church Planting

To download a free copy of the Enabling Church Planting workbook, click here

This workbook is intended as a tool-kit to help a church through the process of planting a new church. For those who simply want to learn more about the subject, it offers a good overview of the processes involved. But its principal aim is to provide planting teams and their leaders with resources and photocopiable material to generate discussion, aid decisions and bring the whole church along with the vision.

Post- Christendom...Not so simple


According to sociologists we are living in the post- generation. We have rejected the institutions and values that were trusted in the world of modernism to enter post-modernity; we have left behind the absolute truths of structuralism to embrace a post-structural mindset. And we have witnessed the demise of the social dominance of the church, and so we are told we have entered post-Christendom. In the last few years this has increasingly become the language we have used to describe the mission context and challenge in today’s Western world. But we want to raise a question over this and suggest that this description used to sum up our context is in fact misleading. Indeed, not only may it be an inaccurate assessment, but it may cause us to misread the appropriate range of mission responses that we need in this complex new context and unnecessarily narrow our options.


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