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Clusters - creative mid-sized missional communities - by Bob Hopkins & Mike Breen, is now back in stock following a worldwide sell-out of the first print run!
This book is available exclusively from ACPI in the UK. It was the recommended title in the final address of the R.U.N. National Conference.
Clusters, explores the concept of clusters as 'mid-sized communities in mission' and is broken down into four parts:
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 Clusters, explores the concept of clusters as 'mid-sized communities in mission' and is broken down into four parts:


Part 1 - The essence & identity of clusters
Part 2 - The biblical, historical and missional rationale
Part 3 - Implementation
Part 4 - Cluster roots, SWOTs and FAQs.
 Read on to find out more about the concept of and an introduction to Clusters...

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St Andrew's Chorleywood has been at the forefront of church renewal for over three decades. In the last 5 years it has seen substantial growth as the congregation has moved from drawing people to one place, to a model in which well over a thousand believers have been sent out in mission-shaped communities of up to fifty members, meeting in school halls, community centres, coffee shops and other contexts. This daring move has resulted in the raising up of over a hundred new leaders, a massive release in spiritual gifts, great vision and creativity in outreach, and major growth through evangelism. Breakout is the story of one church's move from a 'come-to-us' to a 'go-to-them- model of mission.


"I Warmly recomend Breakout to any church leader who lkong to see the Holy Spirit releasing missional energy and imagination both among and through their people."

- Bishop Graham Cray, Fresh Expressions Team Leader



The Future of the Parish System


Society is changing. Communities are changing. Churches are changing. Looking at both traditional forms of church and fresh expressions, this wide-ranging book offers fascinating historical, psychological, sociological and theological perspectives on the parish system. Leading thinkers outline areas for development and offers pragmatic, mission-shaped ways forward.

This stimulating book provides church leaders with the theological resources to re-imagine church and ministry in the twenty-first century.

Contributing authors: Graham Cray, Ian Cundy, Grace Davie, Robin Gamble, George Lings, Ann Morisy, Michael Moynagh, Martyn Percy, John Rees, Sara Savage, Rowan Williams

Edited by Steven Croft

Lessons from Antioch: Clearance 3 available
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The church in Antioch is one of the most fruitful and effective examples of a community of faith recorded in the New Testament. The accounts in Acts offer us an intimate insight into how this church was planted, how it grew and how it multiplied itself across Asia Minor and Europe.

With so much inspiration coming out of this church, whose mission context relates so much to ours, surely there are lessons we can learn that will impact how we seek to engage with God's missionary call to the church today.

Lessons from Antioch, the new book by ACPI team member Freddy Hedley has just been released - get your copy now!

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