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Coaching for Missional Leadership

Ever since the Mission-shaped Church report was published in 2004 there has been a movement of mission emerging right across the church.  In order for this movement to continue to grow it is vital that missional leaders are identified, trained, released and supported. 


In Coaching for Missional Leadership, Bob Hopkins and Freddy Hedley examine the importance of supporting leaders through coaching and mentoring, so that mission initiatives, church plants and fresh expressions of church have access to accompaniment that both provides best practice in mutual reflection and offers connection to the experience and wisdom of other leaders, as well as to the wider church. In addition to exploring the principles behind coaching, this book is designed to be a manual for coaches to use as an ongoing resource that can help and inform their coaching and mentoring experience.

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 The material here has also been written to complement and follow on from the Fresh Expressions coach/mentor training course. 


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Sowing, Reaping, Keeping
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The Christian gospel is the best story ever told. Yet many of those who hear it perceive it as a threat. Laurence Singlehurst believes that much of the threat would be removed if Christians would respect and understand the people they are approaching. This short, crisp and often humorous book is full of seeds of wisdom for those who long to make permanent disciples for Jesus. Discover the reasons why evangelism may have been difficult in the past and learn new ideas to help you share your faith in a relevant way.

Laurence Singlehurst 


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