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The ACPI team have produced a series of short workbooks to support planting teams—planning frameworks; common pitfalls and a twin set of Evangelism booklets shifting from the latest favourite method to understanding an integrated evangelism strategy.


Planters Problems
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This third booklet in the ACPI Workbook series for resourcing church planting and fresh expressions of church, seeks to explore some of the biggest issues that have arisen over the years from mistakes or problems in church planting.

By learning from these areas of weakness and hard experience of the past, we can move forwards in greater strength to see new churches and fresh expressions planted and the growing movement of mission in the church developed.

Frameworks & Analogies
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This fourth booklet in the ACPI Workbook series for resourcing church planting and fresh expressions of church, highlights the importance for a continued priority for planning and strategic frameworks in the engaged and emerging church.

Bob & Mary Hopkins also look at six planning frameworks and analogies that have been used over the years and continue to be used today, giving details on how they work, drawing comparisons between them and offering a critique from experience of using them.

Evangelism Strategies
This workbook explores the strategies that Jesus used in his own ministry and which were the basis of his commissioning of his followers to reach out to others with the good news of God.

Bob and Mary Hopkins build these insights into a simple framework and then look at how we can implement these strategies in the church now so that we might reach our communiities more effectively and without fear. They do this by unpacking eight practical principles of evangelism and exploring the key roles of the evangelist.

These insights have proved a revelation to so many, making sense of their exerience and releasing them to discover what may be appropriate and effective for their situation among a whole range of approaches and methods.

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A Pioneer's Understanding of Church
This workbook seeks to unpack one of the most crucial questions faced by pioneers and church planters today - what is church? Where are the dividing lines between mission initiatives and fully functional church, and what is it that we are called to pioneer?

These questions are tackled by looking at some of the key biblical and historical sources to examine the foundational principles that Jesus and the early church set in place, as well as unpacking some of the main ecclesiological discussions that have emerged over the years.

Put together these set compelling challenges for all pioneers to reflect on their own vision and strategy as we seek to extend the bounds of the Kingdom and the church.

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