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Church Planting
The Pure In Heart: An Epistle from the Romanies
 This is a story of two cultures, connecting and discovering faith, Romany and English together.

It is the uncovering of faith in a Romany community, as an English vicar journeys alongside them discovering a new depth and freedom growing in his own relationship with God. The outcome is the planting of a new infant faith community around the encounters with Jesus and deepening relationships with him.

It demonstrates the power of the gospel being shared cross culturally which challenges and changes some of our cherished values and attitudes.

This story will stimulate creative reflection on our way of seeing and doing things.

Hearts are transformed on both sides. What does it mean to really live in community?

How willing are we to see with different eyes, to learn from each other. The principles are transferrable to all mission endeavours and church planting, especially where there is a significant cross-cultural dimension.

Bruce & Colleen Mounsey

"This is a record of how 'church' happens even when the institution isn't looking - how people are gathered together around Jesus Christ by the sheer force of the Spirit's leading. God constantly goes ahead of us in mission - not least in communities many Christians don't know about, or even don't much want to know about! It is a moving and inspiring testimony to God's creative liberty at work in our times." 

Dr Rowan. Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury 

Martin Burrell's first career was as a professional clarinettist. Following studies at Trinity College, Bristol, he was ordained into the church of England in 1995 and was curate at St Mary Bredin, Canterbury. From 1999 until 2009 Martin was vicar of Cranbrook, Kent. He was then appointed to lead Christchurch, Bushmead, Luton. Both Martin's mother and his wife, Margareta, are from Switzerland. Margareta is a music therapist. They have three children, Rebecca, Naomi and Leo.  






Planting New Churches
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Planting New Churches, intro by George Carey, edited by Bob Hopkins presents examples of church planting in practice: some are from large churches such as Holy Trinity, Brompton and St Thomas Crookes in Sheffield. Others are smaller in scale but no less inspiring, with teams going into tough urban areas or huge Local Authority estates previously untouched by the church.

Published in 1991, Planting New Churches is now a little dated, but contains many examples of different Church Plants reflecting the rich kaleidoscopic diversity of Anglican church plants within UK. It also has chapters giving important principles of planting.

This classic is only available from ACPI at this discount price.

Radical Church Planting: 4 copies available
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Everyone wants their church to grow - this book, by two experienced practitioners - Roger Ellis & Roger Mitchell, with contributing chapters from Roger Forster and Sandy Millar, tells us how we can learn the principles that will help our churches to see the growth for which we all pray.

Recovering The Ground
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The Church of England is currently in a time of great crisis. Numbers are falling, the Church Commissioners' resources are dimishing and official church reports are speaking with a confused and uncertain voice on matters of doctrine and morality. In this situation there is an urgent need for a forthright proclamation of the Christian message. One way of doing this is to plant new congregations.

This collection of essays raises vital questions and challenges traditional assumptions which relate to church planting. These include the nature of Anglican ministry, youth churches, parish boundaries, aspects of canon law, precedents set by the Forward in Faith movement and lay presidency at Holy Communion.

A challenging and compelling read which will be of vital interest to all who have a heart for evangelism and the future well-being of the Church of England.


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